Saturday, January 27, 2007

Take 'em in people.

I am so excited about the 'cross world championships tomorrow. I am deeply in love with 'euro cross. As Heather points out, I'll watch a cross race on the webs that is commentated in Flemish (I have no clue what they are saying, it all sounds the same to me) but I won't watch a foreign movie with subtitles.
I was checking out the start list for the elite men the other day...
Yea man, thats Dufaide Desgranges. Hatti got 4 slots in the mens race. He was the only guy I beat in my Elite debut at the USGP in Gloucester, so I'm pulling for the underdog. Forget Sven Nys, Dufaide is going to rock 'em.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I think the devil is giving free sled rides

5 degrees.
Today was the first scheduled day of rest. Thank you coach A.T., you've got amazing grasp on whats happening next.
Yesterday was cold too, but not nearly as cold as today is. Near the end of my 4+ hour ride, I was pretty sure I had a brain freeze just from breathing the air. My watter bottles froze within 30 min of getting outside, so I had to sick the frozen mess under my jersey to "warm" it up. Once it got to the point where it was drinkable, I downed it fast but then was presented with another problem. I really had to pee. That was also fun.
I find things on the side of the road all the time. Free TV's, abandoned washing machines, dead animals (like a bat!), food, Mc D's wrappers, condoms, ladies undergarments (how you can leave a thong on the side of the road will forever baffle me) and even slightly new abandoned cars in the middle of the woods, smashed to bits. Yesterday I found this guy:
The lion I found on my ride
I have no idea why I like him so much, but he's pretty bad ass.

What else is pretty bad ass?
We started stocking Aegis bikes at the shop. They have the most beautiful bottom bracket junctions ever.
G's BB.....gotta love that line

The Original G's got a mighty sweet bike.

And that my loyal 5 readers, is a blog entry.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Its getting hot in here...

Ok, this is funny. But not, 'cuse eattin' dirt blows.
Watch it once, then watch it a second time and watch the guy who goes flying over the barriers. His body language is priceless.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Now the fire is lit

I'd like to thank another new sponsor. After some surprise and happiness at the choices that were made available to me, I've decided that the rubber of choice for my 2007 campaign will be Maxxis. I'm supper excited to be enrolled into their programs and look forward to piloting their fantastic treads to some solid finishes on the trail, road or cross course.
Maxxis Ignitor


Friday, January 19, 2007

fer sale:

Let's try this again:

Storck Rebel Race.

Free shipping + some extra tires + some new Storck socks if you win and mention my blog. Go get 'em tiger!

Back in my head.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of miles.
I love training. I love living the life. Wake, ride, work, sleep and repeat. I also love the eating. Good, tasty foods, and lots of 'em.
Doesn't look like the chamois time will subside anytime soon...bustin' my booty this year and its going to pay off big in a few months.
I went on a bang up ride yesterday with Brian from the deep south. It was a good time. Perfect mix of talk and solitude, good pace and some good roads.
I found this picture of Floyd Landis the other day:
I like Floyd Landis a little more.
I didn't like Landis before. He won the tour. Eh, good for him. But I love the way he is handling himself with his doping saga. Pure balls man. He's not like that Armstrong fella. He eats what he wants, drank beer during the tour and then I saw that photo up there? Pure rock star. More because he isn't running. I haven't really figured out if I think he did it or not (doesn't really matter anyway) but I respect the way he's going out.

Maybe some of you pay attention when your reading my endless banter and are wondering what the deal is with my titles. They have nothing to do with anything. It had a simple beginning, I was listing to some music and getting my blog on, heard a song lyric and decided to use it as the title. As I'm shooting for the stars with popularity in the infested ocean of cycling blogs, I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits based on random song lyrics. People Google some Justin Timberlake, and end up with my blog at the top of the search results. Thats how we do.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


The base miles are in full swing and going quite nicely.

The body came around way sooner than I thought it would. I guess since it was only three or four weeks ago that I was basking in some good form, so I really didn't loose that much....only gained a few pounds. Something that is very good for me being that I'm skin and bones come June and July.

I road in 20 degree temps twice last week for multiple hours only to have it warm up for the next two days where I got a bit of a rest. Tomorrow I start another good block and the weather forecast? 20's tomorrow, teens the day after. No matter what way it's sliced, adverse conditions makes you a harder person. Suffering brings mental strength that enables you to handle whatever is thrown at you and allows you to suffer more the next time. Pay it forward.

I've been on quite the tear lately on building or re-inventing my bikes.

Took me a summer to save up for and was my first real mountain bike. Won my first race on her....maybe I'll try my hand at a single speed race this year....I'm done for a while, I swear.

I'm spoiled to be around such nice bikes at work. We've got some hot shit here.

Just buildin' the bucket....or fillin' it, depending on where I am.

Monday, January 08, 2007

getin' on the www's

So my Lycra covered butt is in the latest Velonews photo contest.

To vote:
Send an e-mail to with the title of the picture you'd like to win. Mine is: Jason White at the 2006 Cross nats.

Although I get nothing from winning, I don't like to loose. Christope will get a cycling photography book or something......

Too bad it isn't race season again....speaking of: if any of ya'll wanna ride, Its slow and low, thats the tempo. Hit me up and we'll hit the tarmac. But vote first. From both of your e-mail addresses.

Friday, January 05, 2007

63 degrees on 01/05/2007 in Boston.

I'm in a bad mood. But it's not going to hinder my blogging abilities. So lets get it out of the way. USA Cycling sucks. Over and over again. Now lets move on...

I'm selling the stud of my stable.

The Storck has been the nicest bike I've ever owned. Heck, its the nicest thing I've ever owned. I've had her for two years and its time to move on. If any of the 20 people that read this are interested, let me know, it'd be nice to keep the Rebel in house.
I'll even ship to that guy in Portugal who reads my blog. Big ups to you buddy.

So what am I getting to replace the Storck? You'll have to wait my friends. It'll come stock out of the box, but it won't stay that way for long...