Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm all for spay/neutering animals but animal birth control? With Levi?

Levi Leipheimer Animal Birth Control?

I guess Lance got all the good endorsements.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Case of the Rambles

I feel the need to update but there isn't really anything earth shattering going on right now. Nothing new, just more of the same.

I put a carbon Easton EC70 stem on my cx whip. I know better, I do. It just looks so hot. I'll ride it for a day or two and then take it off. Just needed to change something.

My first cx race for keeps isn't until November 3rd. I'll be missing New England Worlds for my honeymoon 'cross the pond in Ireland. I think if I tried to bring the bike to do a race I'd get divorced. Besides, I couldn't find any races. I love you dear.

Milford CX

I raced in Milford. The course was cool. I road McCormic's wheel for a solid lap then made a few bobbles and took up residence off the back. I felt like shit and never came around. Everything sucked. After my sweet ride in Jersey, I put some expectations on myself and did my usual sucking of the turds. That and my legs felt hallow. Maybe too much riding? Who knows for sure.

I'm super excited about Interbike. I wasn't able to talk myself into Vegas but it's always cool to troll the interwebs looking for the new crap I'm going to lust over for the next few months.

I guess now is as good as any to annouce that yet another company has taken pity on me and it hooking a bro up with some swag.

I'll be running Industry Nine wheels this 'cross season. Now pull up your chair nice and close because I'm going to say this once: tubeless. Ok, discuss amongst yourselves. I'll give the wheels the attention they deserve when I get the anodized amazingness sometime after interbike.

It's almost beer o'clock and I'm outtie.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

You gotta love the Sunday morning team meeting. Its always good for a double flush, sometimes you get a triple - thats how you know its game on.

Screw it and ride.

It's been my mantra for the last month. August I did lots and lots of miles, some hard, some easy and quick, some stupid, but all fun. No heart rate monitor, just me, my lungs n' guns and unadulterated burrrapin'.

I didn't follow any kind of training plan other than trying to make myself pop on the long rides (a few in the triple digits, riding my cross bike on mtb trails and doing lots of plyos and core workouts. Why? gotta get hard for cycle cross yo.

The plyos ended up being a little more than I thought they would be. I spent most of the week with sore legs that I couldn't quite shake off. Everyday I told myself that I'd take the day to get my legs back. When it came down to it I decided I'd rest tomorrow. I guess its good that I'm doing them because its an obvious weakness.

Resting ended up working out cuse I can't think of the last time I had a shitty ride. The 1track has been perfectly buffed out and fast. I also found a shit ton of new trails right when I thought I'd ridden all the 1track there was to be had at the fells. Plus I've slept like baby.

Anyone got any clue what these things are?

I see them on the trails all the time, and sometimes by the side of the road.

Today I'm racing some cx up in Milford NH. I'm excited to giv'er and let the flag fly. Should be a good event. To say that I'm motivated and excited about cross is a bit of an understatement.

Enjoy the ride ya'll, you'll never know what your going to find next.