Saturday, January 27, 2007

Take 'em in people.

I am so excited about the 'cross world championships tomorrow. I am deeply in love with 'euro cross. As Heather points out, I'll watch a cross race on the webs that is commentated in Flemish (I have no clue what they are saying, it all sounds the same to me) but I won't watch a foreign movie with subtitles.
I was checking out the start list for the elite men the other day...
Yea man, thats Dufaide Desgranges. Hatti got 4 slots in the mens race. He was the only guy I beat in my Elite debut at the USGP in Gloucester, so I'm pulling for the underdog. Forget Sven Nys, Dufaide is going to rock 'em.

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Chris said...

Just found your site - pretty cool. I especially liked the 'cross video - just saw my first Nats in Providence, was just a few feet from Treborn & Page (but on the other side of the barriers, not racing). Good luck racing in '07.