Thursday, November 05, 2009

Jan 29th. Oooof!

Christophe badgered me the other day to start blogging again. "Dooooooo it!" he said. Starting is easy. As is forgetting all about it and going south of a year between posts.

I have been racing 'cross pretty much non-stop since September cobbling together one of the best seasons yet. It's been more about finding the perfect line and riding it as fast as I can while being smooth and oozing confidence than it has been about about results. Its funny because the results have been coming. A few trips to the podium, a few near misses to box and a lot of hard on the rivet racing deep in the cave. A lot has come together and clicked for me. Unexpectedly.
Mixing strong coffee with early morning rides, embrocation has become the ritual - the smell and the tingle signals go time.
Paying attention to the finer points of the preparation has yielded better quality in each ride, digging deeper from within and allowing the fall spectacle to overwhelm the senses.
Coming home totally blown has also become common place. They say that success breeds success. I have found this to be true. The great rides have snowballed and bad legs have been hard to come by. More time has been spent counting down until the next ride or the days until I toe the line again. Like a caged dog I can't wait to be released.

Speed, confidence, smoothness and strength. Cyclocross in 2009 has been good to me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hoogerheide Pre-Ride

Pre-Ride this weekends Hoogerheide World Chaponship Course: 

Takes a little while to load but totally worth it. I'm going to a World Championship party at 7am on Sunday. Beer and Waffles - as it should be. Totally awesome. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Toe the line.

Top of Goutes Hill
Set today's race course this morning on my way to work. A racer's course for sure, it was nice to ski in the early morning hours. Dead silence. First run is always the best. I shouldn't have been persuaded by the lack of sun at 7, I bet skiing the sunrise would have been amazing.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bank it.

Skiing is Skiing. 
You have the good days of awesome, prime, goormed snow. And then you have the days like yesterday when its a sheet of ice and you use your face to stop a few times. 
Frozen Biking
It sucked. I didn't want to ski. And my legs are all sore from not having good technique.

But later this year when I come screaming down a hill and cut a sharp turn only to realize I'm on a sheet of ice, I'll stick it without thinking about it - all beacuse I sucked it up and skied an hour and half on shit frozen product.

It all adds up one way or another.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Knock, knock.
You still there?

January '08 started with all good intentions - train, fitness, race, rinse, repeat.
But then life happened.
Perhaps a touch of laziness added in.
I road. The passion was there. Exploring the roads and trails of my youth.
I love climbing again.
I toed the line twice. three times?
The highlight was sprinting for the line at Gloucester.

I've made a few changes. Thought about blogging again. Someplace to add some photos. Talk about the adventures past/present/future.

I'm Nordic Skiing now. Volunteering as a coach.

Tomorrow I'm racing. I could care less how I finish. I'm more excited about going for broke and blowing myself up. See where the line in the sand is. See how I stack up against my team. Take a look around and see whats inside.


Now that you're up to date, Lets see where this goes.

hup hup

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