Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh Snap!

Flemish is the only way to watch 'cross.

Oh snap:
what looks wrong?
(I cleaned that messy work area today btw)


Monday, November 12, 2007

Words are overrated, lets photo dump:
sucky sucky.
been racing. been sucking. what can you do? I have the handling skills, I just need the power. But next year right? Looks like I've snapped.
crazy guy on the course
saw this guy during a race and my thoughts went something like this:
"oh shit jay, what the fuck did you do to yourself? your seeing things"
"maybe I didn't see that"
"shoot. shit. uh, uhm.... mary had a little lamb...."
I got to see that guy. He's pretty rad. Good to warm up with a friend just shooting the shit. 'sept for the fact that you can't see who the hell he is:
C Ca$h
I stole all of those pictures from different places on the internet.
If you have good eyes, you can see me at the start someplace in the middle of the pack, right side.

Like I said, good eyes.

Also, check this out:
pretty cool site for cx vids in super low, grainy resolution. just the way i like.

this was too many words.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I've spent the morning looking a pictures like this:
Sven. Wellens.
and watching videos like this, looking out the window at whats left of the hurricane that is dumping on us.
I should have gone and raced the Chainbiter 9.0. Would have been sweet to ride in 50mph winds, rain and 40 degrees. It is the place i met a certain someone....

Tomorrow is the Cycle-Smart International, the country's oldest UCI race. That course is so awesomely dope. Seems like most of the big guns are out west so it should be a good day. I'll be able to hang on the back and if the legs are good and the luck is right, maybe even pick up a point or two.

My head is fully healed from last weekend debacle. I dropped my chain twice and my seat slipped twice. I melted down four times but got myself together again another four times and passed people. I even out kicked someone at the line. I'm getting there, its just gotta come together some more. Focus on the good.
the barriers weren't regulation height.
I can't get over how awesome my industry nine wheels are. They hold speed sooooo well. There were a few short, steep risers that I was gapping people on because the the wheels were so fast.

I guess thats it. To Sparta.