Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Thats the sound of air gushing out of my tire. It happens without fail every year. I get a new quiver of tires and rip the side wall on one while the tire is still semi-new. I guess thats life. I should prob. change them out anyway to use the other tires I have to see what the tread can do.

With the beautiful weather we've been graced with, work has turned crazy. Everyone wants a bike. It's good, but it's also tiring.

Google changed blogger and with it messed up my page. I've been trying to figure out how to change stuff around for the better part of a week, but no dice. I'll figure it out at some point.

And now, a picture of Bracket enjoying the sunshine.
Bracket enjoying the sunrise

Dirt game this weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2007

With two options to race this past weekend, you'd think something would pan out. Saturday' Battenkill Roubaix never worked out (shame to, cuse that race had my name all over it). And Sunday's Wells crit got monsoon'd.

I raced Wells the weekend prior. Things went well until I nailed a water bottle, shattering the rubberized plastic top and hooking my front wheel up with a nice flat. The sensations were good tho. (of the race, not the flat)

Its always a good feeling pinning on them numbers...

All the real races seem to be taking their time in coming this year. I feel like in years past, I've already gotten my dirt game on a handful of times. I thought that I'd be able to rip the Anthem 0 this weekend but I'm premature by a week. I think I've found a road race for the weekend to keep me away from Wells Ave. We'll see tho, it seems like the course is kinda weak.

My new saddle
I got a new seat or "saddle" to those purest. The Tioga Spider. Its pretty sick looking eh? I guess at this point I'm leaning towards the road bike but I have yet to pull the trigger as the debate continues.

ATA Bike
Da shop is in the running for Boston's A List. Its a business game that pits the best against the pretty goods, to find the amazings. I'm making it easy for you to vote...go HERE and type in your e-mail. Because I believe in choice and democracy, if you really have to vote for someone else you can go here. Now I know a lot of you aren't hardcore customers, but if I've delivered watter bottles and a free hub or talked to you about your favorite Italian addiction that I sell and you ride or shown you the latest carbon wonders when you are really in town to take me out to dinner...I expect you to vote. I know that you have more than one e-mail too.
Just for the record, I haven't gotten any spam from voting.

More in the works.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Left out to dry

I was looking back at all the posts from the last month or so. L-A-M-E on the amount of posts.

Still no racing.
I guess it was two weeks ago I was going to giv'er at Wells Ave, but the race got nixed due to the snow. There is a Dirt meet in CT on Saturday but homie gotta work, so no dirt for me. As long as snow, sleet, rain, meatballs don't fall from the sky I think I'll debut this weekend at Wells. But who knows, Mother Nature seems to be pissed at us right now.

Last weekend I went home for a handful of days. The thing about going home is I always try and pack everything I miss into the time I'm there. By the time its time to comeback to Boston, I'm uber tired. Thats just the way it is.

Mohonk Mountaitn. New Paltz, NY

I got my bike game on while I was there. It was a really great to see the crew of A.T. and C-Dogs + Marc Gulliickson. Marc is a two time Cycle Cross national champion (among other things) who has since retired. I've hungout/talked to him before I think even ridden with him before but I felt a little silly having him on my wheel being that I have a poster of him winning the a national championship on my wall in NP.


It was a hard weekend for a number of reasons but something that is still on my mind and bothering me is the way I road. With the gazillion hours I've put in this year, I road like shit. On the first climb it was everything I had just to keep pace and the way I climbed didn't get much better from then on out not to mention how I was a squid in the single track. I was really looking forward to giving the new rig a second real ride and showing the PROs that I've done my homework and it was time to play. I know I'm hard on myself but what made it worse was that I was missing the season opener of the NORBA Nationals. I was really aiming for that race but things just didn't workout. I love racing nationals. I up my game, I love the travel of seeing new places and riding new trails with different dirt.

National Number Plates

I also get to add to the nationals number plate wall. I guess its good that I didn't go out to Arizona being that I sucked at the bike game this weekend.

I've gotta find some motivation and get my confidence back 'cuse the mental state isn't there right now. We all know that it's 10% physical and 90% mental.

It looks like I've picked up one last sponsor late, late in the sponsorship season. I'll hold off on naming them until I know that its all worked out. I've also got some volunteer stuff going down that will be good for my head/skills and the shop, but I'm going to hold off on the who/what/why/when for a little longer.

over n' out