Monday, July 23, 2007

El Mount Snow

I've been a boob about blogging my latest adventure to Mount Snow. Now well over a week ago, there really isn't any way to get across the feeling that a race like this brings me. I sat down and tried a few times but scrapped all of them because I couldn't get across the feeling.

I owe a huge debt to Greeley and Andy as they spent 3 days inconvenienced with the use of one of their two cars because they lent me the other. I couldn't get my shit together and find a ride up to the mountain so Greeley lent me her Jetta (pretty sweet little car) to take to Snow.

'bout to be fed
My race didn't go as planned, but it ended up being good anyway. I sucked the climbs but let loose on the intense 1 track descents. The confidence that I felt is one that I will feel for a long time. I figured out how good it feels to go downhill fast, connecting the mess of roots, rocks and rutted earth letting the bike go where it wants in the fastest line down the mountain.
Adam Craig
The pro race was, as always, inspiring. I always walk away with goose bumps, wanting to ride my bike.
C dogs was on his A game. He was as high as 7th spending most of the day inside the top 10. With the big dogs. Seeing the top Americans walking up the course just shows how nasty the freaking climbs were.
Carl Decker
Every time someone would find the 5mm swath of dirt that was climbable and would clear the section, the hills would erupt in cheers. The only other time I've heard a race louder was CX Nats.
Mullet Mullet Mullet Mullet
Those are some dreads.

I've got a whole album of shots here.

I've been laying low, taking time off the bike. Don't really want to, but I guess I need a mid-season charge up. I'm looking forward to some longer rides in the next few weeks and then ramping it up for CX. I also want to make sure I'm in top form for the wedding. I don't want to get fatigued shaking my booty and miss out later in the evening if you know what I mean...

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